Life Insurance
Sr. No. Topic Date
1. Buying Cover Check Claim History 5/Jun/2019
2. Can you claim tax benefit for tax paid on insurance premium? 5/Jun/2019
3. Know How A Joint Life Cover Works 4/Jun/2019
4. How Much Life Insurance Do You Need? 6/May/2019
5. The policies that you can buy for ₹1 15/Apr/2019
6. Claim Paid As Instalment Can Help Future Expenses 15/Apr/2019
7. Five Ways To Raise Growth Momentum Of Insurance Industry 11/Apr/2019
8. Why You Need A Personal Accident Insurance Cover 2/Apr/2019
9. Now Is The Time To Revive Your Lapsed Policy 26/Mar/2019
10. Insurance: What Not To Do? 25/Mar/2019
11. Spread Awareness About Insurance Benefits First 19/Mar/2019
12. Discontinuing Your Insurance Policy? 18/Mar/2019
13. How To Resolve Grievances When Insurers Fail To Act 18/Mar/2019
14. Things To Know About Single Premium Policy 18/Mar/2019
15. Buy Term Life When Young And Healthy To Keep Premium Low 5/Feb/2019
16. Why Women Need To Buy Life Insurance 30/Jan/2019
17. Don't Skip Your Life Insurance Illustration 16/Jan/2019
18. You May Lose Tax Benefit On Your Life Insurance Policy If Lapses 16/Jan/2019
19. Choose A Term Insurance Suitable For Your Life Stage 8/Jan/2019
20. Unclaimed Insurance Payout? Know How You Can Claim It 19/Dec/2018
21. Paper work For Insurance With Married Women’s Property Act 17/Dec/2018
22. Opinion: Problems of moral hazard in insurance 6/Dec/2018
23. Insurance Needs At Different Stages Of Life 3/Dec/2018
24. How are variable insurance products structured? 22/Nov/2018
25. Guranteed Plan Returns Have Gone Up. Should You Invest? 20/Nov/2018
26. Buying An Insurance? Read The Fine Print First 19/Nov/2018
27. Should You Invest In A Long-term Insurance Product That Gives Guaranteed Returns? 15/Nov/2018
28. Accident Cover A Small Price To Cover A Huge Loss 30/Oct/2018
29. How Riders Add Value To Your Life Insurance Plan 30/Oct/2018
30. Claiming Insurance After Kerala Floods? Here’s How To Do It 10/Sep/2018
31. From Insurance Agents To Insurance Service Providers 7/Sep/2018
32. Filing An Insurance? Claim Keep These Tips In Mind 27/Aug/2018
33. Is Cover Of 1Cr Enough? 13/Aug/2018
34. When Should You Opt For Single Premium Plans 13/Aug/2018
35. Increase Term Life Cover To Meet Your Rising Needs Going Forward 1/Aug/2018
36. LIC Trims Stake In IDBI And Allahabad Bank In First Quarter 27/Jul/2018
37. Biggest Share holder LIC Tightens Grip On IL&FS 24/Jul/2018
38. Choosing A Critical Illness Policy 24/Jul/2018
39. Policy Holders Can Question The LIC-IDBI Bank Deal 24/Jul/2018
40. Buying A Term Insurance Plan Keep These Points In Mind 23/Jul/2018
41. Protection Policies Drive New Premium 20/Jul/2018
42. LIC Board Gives It’s Nod For 51% Stake Buy In IDBI Bank 17/Jul/2018
43. How Life Insurers Invest Your Money 9/Jul/2018
44. LIC Sells Equity Holdings Worth Rs 12,000 Cr 9/Jul/2018
45. LIC Will Invest Upto Rs.26,000 Crore In IRFC 5/Jul/2018
46. IRDA Gave LIC The Green Light 2/Jul/2018
47. Get Set To Bank With LIC As Insurer Gets IDBI Stake Nod 30/Jun/2018
48. LICs Move To Take Over IDBI Bank May Require Regulatory Changes 28/Jun/2018
49. Generali Raises Stake to 49% in 2JVs With future 27/Jun/2018
50. LIC May Pick UP 30% More In IDBI Bank 27/Jun/2018
51. LIC Pares Stake In PSBs In March Quarter 27/Jun/2018
52. Govt Weighs Roping In LIC To Capitalise IDBI Bank 25/Jun/2018
53. Taxability Of Life Insurance Money 25/Jun/2018
54. Private Insurers Focus On Ulips For Individul Business 22/Jun/2018
55. Three Steps To Choosing The Right Insurer 22/Jun/2018
56. LIC Bets On Consumption Stocks, Junks PSU Banks 20/Jun/2018
57. A fathers basic financial toolkit 18/Jun/2018
58. Grossly Under Insured Indians Are Living Dangerously 18/Jun/2018
59. Transfer Your Risk Using Insurance 18/Jun/2018
60. Expect Inflows Into Ulips To Be Moderate in FY19 15/Jun/2018
61. IRDAI Probes Suspected Illegal Practices In Bancassurance Biz 15/Jun/2018
62. LIC Posts 16% Annual Premium Growth In May, Beats Industry 15/Jun/2018
63. How Built-in Safeguards In Insurance Help 14/Jun/2018
64. Birla Sun Life Likely To Pull Out Of Race For IDBI Federal Life 12/Jun/2018
65. Life Insurance: Term Plan Premiums Explained 12/Jun/2018
66. Risk Cover Should Start Along With Your Job 12/Jun/2018
67. Ulips, Term Protection Plan To Lead Life Insurance Market 8/Jun/2018
68. Buying A Term Insurance Plan? Compare Features, Not Just Premiums 4/Jun/2018
69. How Life Insurance Can Be An Effective Tax Planning Tool 6/Apr/2018
70. You Have At Least 2 Years To Revive A Lapsed Policy 6/Mar/2018
71. How To Prevent Claim Rejection 11/Dec/2017
72. Avoid Mistakes While Buying Life Insurance 8/Dec/2017
73. Life Insurance: Six Sins That May Ruin Your Family 27/Nov/2017
74. What Does A Rider Mean In A Life Insurance Policy? 1/Nov/2017
75. Aadhaar Sufficient For Insurance KYC 21/Sep/2017
76. Disabled And Cant Pay Insurance Premium 28/Jul/2017
77. Insure Your Loans With Credit Life Insurance 20/Jul/2017
78. How Additional Riders Work In An Insurance Policy 17/May/2017
79. Crisis Insurance: How To Protect Yourself Against Natural Disasters 28/Apr/2017
80. Check Claim, Revisit Cover Of Term Plans 31/Mar/2017
81. Protecting Your Familys Standard Of Living 27/Mar/2017
82. Tax Benefits For Life Covers 23/Feb/2017
83. Insurance To See Rapid Growth 18/Feb/2017
84. Budget Proposals To Boost Insurance Sector 13/Feb/2017
85. Joint Or Individual Life Insurance - What Should One Opt For? 5/Nov/2016
86. The Magic of Final Additional Bonus 30/Sep/2016
87. Why Life Insurance Should Not Be Ignored During Financial Planning 30/Sep/2016
88. Fast-track your savings for retirement 22/Aug/2016
89. Self-employed don’t need to keep detailed accounting records, here’s why 16/Aug/2016
90. Are you saving too much for retirement? 9/Aug/2016
91. Are you making the right financial moves ? 8/Aug/2016
92. Why buying a child insurance policy should never be postponed 26/Jul/2016
93. How Ulips differ from ELSS 25/Jul/2016
94. Don’t touch retirement kitty to fund goals of kids 11/Jul/2016
95. Indian markets will be directionally positive: Ritu Arora 8/Jul/2016
96. Ulips Back With A Bang in New Avatar 6/Jul/2016
97. Your child's education - How to save and invest  25/Apr/2016
98. Tax planning: Time to rush 5/Apr/2016
99. SMART THINGS TO KNOW: Unit Linked Pension Plans 14/Mar/2016
100. Starting your career? Get safe and secure 14/Mar/2016
101. Key aspects to mull on before purchasing insurance 28/Jan/2016
102. Things to keep in mind after buying life insurance 22/Jan/2016
103. Get set for a great retirement life 14/Dec/2015
104. Encash your house property for post-retirement income 7/Dec/2015
105. You need more Insurance when 26/Oct/2015
106. Five smart things to know about hedging with futures 28/Sep/2015
107. Make sense of insurance jargon 14/Sep/2015
108. Five smart things to know about professional indemnity insurance 10/Sep/2015
109. Join life, twin benefits ? 24/Aug/2015
110. Add critical illness policies to your insurance portfolio 13/Aug/2015
111. Solvency-II in insurance may take longer to be implemented 24/Jul/2015
112. Secure Your child's future 20/Jul/2015
113. Floaters plans are for younger families 8/Jul/2015
114. Helping parents plan for retirements around the corner 26/Jun/2015
115. Donating life: Both giver and recipient can benefit from insurance 15/Jun/2015
116. Tips to gain maximum benefits out of your Life Insurance Policy 2/Jun/2015
117. Improve your insurance coverage at nominal cost 1/Jun/2015
118. Why you need to upgrade life cover? 21/May/2015
119. Nepal Earthquake tragedy increases demand for Home Insurance 15/May/2015
120. How to prepare for an early retirement 20/Apr/2015
121. How to prepare for an early retirement 20/Apr/2015
122. Life Insurance in your 50's: Why and how ? 18/Mar/2015
123. Insure Your Child's Future 11/Feb/2015
124. Ensure a productive retirement 3/Feb/2015
125. How Term Policies are coming with additional benefits? 31/Jan/2015
126. Five smart things to know about applicable charges for Unit-linked insurance plans 29/Jan/2015
127. How to retire at 50 20/Jan/2015
128. Pitfalls to avoid in planning YOUR KID’S EDUCATION 19/Jan/2015
129. 5 tips to make the most of free-look period in insurance 13/Jan/2015
130. LIC may also be Keen to Acquire UTI Mutual Fund 8/Jan/2015
131. Must Do's for Life Insurance buyer 3/Jan/2015
132. Do you have adequate insurance cover? 31/Dec/2014
133. Seven steps to get yourself the RIGHT insurance cover 17/Dec/2014
134. Four tips to get better returns from ULIPs using free switches 13/Nov/2014
135. Factors to take into consideration while deciding a corpus for retirement 6/Nov/2014
136. 6 benefits if Insurance Bill is passed 28/Oct/2014
137. How to claim death benefits out of unit-linked insurance plans 27/Oct/2014
138. Three ways you can retire rich 14/Oct/2014
139. Ulip Sales, MF Inflows Boost Fee Income of Private Banks 9/Oct/2014
140. Sovereign, Pension Funds In for a Long Haul 8/Oct/2014
141. Plan for different stages of your life 1/Oct/2014
142. 5 smart things to know about non-payment of insurance premium 29/Sep/2014
143. Here's How to Get Claim Fast 25/Sep/2014
144. How to save for your retirement? 10/Sep/2014
145. Can timely payment of claims be guaranteed? 24/Jul/2014
146. Nearing retirement? 18/Jul/2014
147. Buy Pension Plans Now For A Smooth Retired Life 5/Jun/2014
148. LIC the kingpin 3/May/2014
149. When you should backdate policies 19/Mar/2014
151. Five products to watch for this year 8/Jan/2014
152. Retiring in 2014: Make your plans now 26/Dec/2013
153. Importance of Mutual Fund, Insurance and investment nominations 2/Dec/2013
154. No impact on your retirement corpus 21/Nov/2013
155. Investment plans for working women 31/Oct/2013
156. Are you ready to retire? 21/Oct/2013
157. Eight things to know about insurance repositories 26/Sep/2013
158. Five things to know about online term plans 19/Aug/2013
159. Ways to claim insurance when disaster strikes 22/Jul/2013
160. Investment options for retired people 18/Jul/2013
161. LIC is Not Salvaging Govt's Divestment Agenda: Roy 9/Jul/2013
162. Are retirement homes for you? All you need to know before deciding 8/Jul/2013
163. Five insurance covers you should have 1/Jul/2013
164. To Grow, Life Insurers Need to Focus on 3 Areas 26/Jun/2013
165. Tips to pick the right health cover to suit your needs 27/May/2013
166. Retirees need not shun risk 22/May/2013
167. In Life's Twilight, Security is Key 17/May/2013
168. Three new judgments that impact insurance 15/Apr/2013
169. Start saving for sunset years, it's never too late 19/Mar/2013
170. Can insurance documents be simplified? 14/Mar/2013
171. Plan ahead, post-retirement years may not be the same 5/Mar/2013
172. Enhance your health cover to beat healthcare cost inflation 25/Feb/2013
173. 5 points to consider for NRIs buying life insurance in India 15/Feb/2013
174. With an eye on VISION 2020 2/Feb/2013
175. Feel your insurance cover is not adequate? Go for top-up plans 28/Jan/2013
176. Five insurance covers worth taking a look at 23/Jan/2013
177. Protect your child's present & future through insurance 21/Jan/2013
178. Read before you sign the policy document 28/Dec/2012
179. Insurance As A Social Security Tool 12/Dec/2012
180. How to make the right choice in life insurance 5/Dec/2012
181. Protect your child's dreams by insuring yourselves first 23/Nov/2012
182. Child's future planning delayed by 5 yrs? Invest double the amount 19/Nov/2012
183. Life could get easier for policyholders 8/Oct/2012
184. Buy term insurance early and for maximum tenure possible 5/Oct/2012
185. Why Ulip Holders must Stick to their Strategy 27/Sep/2012
186. For easier insurance claim, furnish correct information 26/Sep/2012
187. When should you buy life insurance in retirement 5/Sep/2012
188. What are the rights of an insurance policy buyer? 29/Aug/2012
189. Term insurance a must for all with financial liability 15/Jun/2012
190. How useful are group health covers 7/Jun/2012
191. Keep a close eye on terms of bundled insurance 1/Jun/2012
192. Choose a nominee for easy claim settlement 23/May/2012
193. Life insurance: Ideal tool for tax saving, financial security 15/May/2012
194. You are bound to lose if you surrender life insurance early 9/May/2012
195. Picking the Right Traditional Life Insurance Plan 2/May/2012
196. Insurance is for protection, not wealth creation 26/Apr/2012
197. Does a floater insurance cover work? 24/Apr/2012
198. Retirement Planning: Buy the right annuity for your pension 4/Apr/2012
199. Opt for Electronic Clearing Service facility for automatic premium payment 27/Mar/2012
200. Investing for your child ! 22/Mar/2012
201. Not satisfied with a health plan? Here is how to port it 22/Feb/2012
202. Planning to Buy Insurance Policy? Don't Get Sold on Pricing Alone 22/Feb/2012
203. Why it'll be unfair to lift I-T rebate on insurance 20/Feb/2012
204. Employer's health plan not sufficient? Go for top-ups 17/Feb/2012
205. Indian insurance industry is likely to attract new entrants 17/Mar/2006
206. Misconceptions about insurance 17/Mar/2006
207. Revive your lapsed policy 17/Mar/2006
208. Why do you need to insure yourself? 14/Mar/2006
209. How has budget affected the insurance industry? 8/Mar/2006
210. Can Bancassurance be relied upon? 14/Feb/2006
211. Housewives too need insurance! 14/Feb/2006
212. A glance at ULIPs after Sensex reaches 10,000-mark 14/Feb/2006
213. Does your nominee know to claim a policy? 9/Feb/2006
214. Women and Life Insurance 19/Jan/2006
215. Know Your Tax Planning Avenues 11/Jan/2006
216. Gift your spouse a 'Jeevan Saathi' policy 30/Dec/2005
217. Have you secured your child's future? 23/Dec/2005
218. Is investment in ULIPs a risky option? 20/Dec/2005
219. Retire rich and in style 6/Dec/2005
220. Why insurance? 15/Nov/2005
221. Takaful -the new kid on the block? 27/Oct/2005
222. A golden opportunity 26/Oct/2005
223. How often should I review my insurance portfolio? 25/May/2004
224. Should I invest in unit-linked plans? 19/Mar/2004
225. Lapsed policies being lapped up 18/Aug/2003
226. Banking on bancassurance 16/Jun/2003
227. How can I decide on the right LIC policy for my family? 27/Jan/2003
228. How safe is my money with LIC? 21/Jan/2003
229. Want to know who prices your policies? 10/Jan/2003
230. Role of technology in insurance 9/Jan/2003
231. Retirement Planning 9/Jan/2003
232. Is there anything more to insurance other than being a tax-saving instrument? 9/Jan/2003
233. Importance of Disability insurance 9/Jan/2003
234. Insurance and financial security 9/Jan/2003
235. What does Life Insurance provide? 8/Jan/2003
236. What does life insurance have to offer? 8/Jan/2003
237. Why is Life Insurance necessary? 8/Jan/2003
238. So what does Life Insurance offer young families? 8/Jan/2003
239. Why is it necessary to invest in insurance? 8/Jan/2003
240. How are the needs of Dual Income families similar to Single Income families? 8/Jan/2003
241. Why Insurance during the middle years? 8/Jan/2003
242. Why is insurance necessary for mature adults? 8/Jan/2003
243. Why Life Insurance? 7/Jan/2003
244. What is the need for Life Insurance 7/Jan/2003
245. When is the right time to buy life insurance? 7/Jan/2003